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No activity is possible without involving the natural world around us. From an ecological viewpoint, a material can only be evaluated through an ecological impact study of the activity and the time of dumping or burning the waste products.

A major obstacle to recycle plastic materials after their use is their presence in domestic refuse in a very scattered and contaminated form. To overcome this difficulty, selective collections are organised, as well as sorting by hand at sorting centers. The discarted plastic materials collected in this form are more uniform and can be re-used easely in the most different application. 

We're making progress

To help make our product more sustainable, we have developed a voluntary program of research and investment called Vinyl 2010. This voluntary commitment is unique to the PVC industry and is revolutionary as it covers the whole PVC life-cycle from production to waste management and recycling. Our performance is verified by independent auditors to ensure compliance and our second annual progress report is now publicly available. 

Who is Vinyl 2010? 

Vinyl 2010 includes the 530 000 people working in over 21 000 companies across Europe that make the multitude of PVC products that help improve the quality of our daily lives.