Your specialist in extrusion of standard and custom made thermoplastic profiles



Custom-made profiles, that is our speciality. 'Custom-made' products are developed in collaboration with the customer. COOPERATION = INNOVATION. Each product is unique and exclusive. We always try to find and use solutions that decrease the polluting effects on the environment. That is why we are always looking for new technologies, new technical processes, new primary products and innovative recycling possibilities.

  1. draft or preliminary project
  2. packaging and finishing
  3. final drawing
  4. preparation of moulds
  5. choice of materials
  6. sample order

Different materials and the co-extrusion of 2 materials in one and the same profile.

  • Polyvinylcloride : PVC, HiPVC & Soft PVC
  • Polystyrene : HiPS & expanded PS
  • AcrylonitrileButadieenStyrene : ABS & ASA
  • Polypropylene : PP & Co PP
  • Polyethylene : LDPE & HDPE (low & high density)
  • PEBA

Our knowledge and advantages

PlacTec can produce profiles of 10 grams to 6kg. The output of our extrusion machines lies between 2kg/hour and up to 175kg/hour

Various colours are possible, such as solid, marble or specked, coloured in the mass, transparent colours, decorative look through stamping with hotfoil...

Our other strong points include:
Pressing, sawing, special packaging...

Collaboration is innovation

Every product is made uniquely and to specification. The sectors PlasTec customers are active in include:

  • Furniture finish for in- and outdoors
  • Building profiles, including window finish, doors, decorative shutters, panels, veranda, thermal interruptions, greenhouses, clean-rooms, food industry and so on...
  • Sealing profiles in artificial materials with 2 hardness level.
  • Displays
  • Car manufacturing
  • AC systems
  • Curtain railing
  • Draining pipes...

PlasTec aims for a steady growth with a minimum of environmentally taxing production. To do this, we are constantly looking for new technologies, procedures, resources and recycling opportunities. An excellent price-quality comparison further enhances the success of our company. With PlasTec, you are always ensured a timely and correct delivery.


Sun protection - verandas - greenhouses
New Applications